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“This film couldn’t have been made a few years ago. In fact, we’re not even sure we can make it now.”


NEARLY A DECADE of anticipation has passed since the project first sparked the imagination of serious filmmakers. With a new director on board, and a cast assembled, it seemed that the motion picture production of John Milton’s Paradise Lost was finally coming to fruition.

Alas, daunted by the prohibitive cost of the extensive CGI and motion-capture technology needed to bring the spectacle to life, not to mention the risky prospect of pouring megabucks into filming a religious movie based on a 17th century blank-verse epic poem, well, you see the problem. To the disappointment of some, and the relief of others, on February 9, 2012, once again, production on Paradise Lost: The Movie was shut down, indefinitely.

Bradley Cooper and Alex Proyas at
San Diego Com-Con International 2011


We're going to make this incredible epic film about the war of the angels, Lucifer’s fall from grace, and his battle with the Arch-angel Michael. This film is set in Heaven, Hell and Eden. Adam and Eve feature heavily in the film as well. So it’s a pretty big canvas.

The developments in technology are really giving us the possibility of making something truly wonderful. But then, you know, the story and the characters are really the thing, in any movie, really. Particularly with Lucifer we have a really wonderful opportunity to create the most extraordinary character, [one] we’ve never seen on film before.


To me it’s a very small story … about two brothers and their father and what happens when one son feels utterly betrayed. I always loved the depiction of Lucifer as a very sympathetic character. There’s a lot of personal ways into this character, which is why it makes it so exciting to do it with this kind of scope and with a director that has the kind of vision that Alex does.


For a director [choosing] who will express your characters is the most important decision you make. Meeting Bradley and seeing what he was capable of really blew me away.

The Cast

Bradley Cooper . . LUCIFER

Benjamin Walker . . MICHAEL

Djimon Hounsou . . ABDIEL

Rufus Sewell . . SAMAEL

Casey Affleck . . GABRIEL

Sam Reid . . RAPHAEL

Dominic Purcell . . MOLOCH

Callan McAuliffe . . URIEL

Diego Bonita . . ADAM

Camilla Belle . . EVE

Paradise Lost



Alex Proyas


Vincent Newman
Jon Jashni
Thomas Tull


Scott Derrickson
Stuart Hazeldine
Phil DiBlasi
Byron Willinger
Lawrence Kasdan
Stuart Hazeldine
Ryan Condal
Legendary Pictures
Vincent Newman
Warner Bros. Pictures

Distributed by
Warner Bros. Pictures

Shooting Locations:
Australia, Canada, United Kingdom


Scheduled Release Date:

Project abandoned