VI-1. All night the dreadless Angel unpursu'd / Through Heav'ns wide Champain held his way, till Morn, / Wak't by the circling Hours, with rosie hand

VI-4. Unbarr'd the gates of Light. There is a Cave / Within the Mount of God, fast by his Throne, / Where light and darkness in perpetual round / Lodge and dislodge by turns, which makes through Heav'n / Grateful vicissitude, like Day and Night; / Light issues forth, and at the other dore / Obsequious darkness enters, till her houre

VI-11. To veile the Heav'n, though darkness there might well

VI-12. Seem twilight here; and now went forth the Morn / Such as in highest Heav'n, arrayd in Gold / Empyreal, from before her vanisht Night, / Shot through with orient Beams: when all the Plain / Coverd with thick embatteld Squadrons bright, / Chariots and flaming Armes, and fierie Steeds / Reflecting blaze on blaze, first met his view:

VI-19. Warr he perceav'd, warr in procinct, and found / Already known what he for news had thought

VI-21. To have reported: gladly then he mixt / Among those friendly Powers who him receav'd / With joy and acclamations loud, that one / That of so many Myriads fall'n, yet one

VI-25. Returnd not lost: On to the sacred hill / They led him high applauded, and present / Before the seat supream; from whence a voice

VI-28. From midst a Golden Cloud thus milde was heard. / Servant of God, well done, well hast thou fought / The better fight, who single hast maintaind / Against revolted multitudes the Cause

VI-32. Of Truth, in word mightier then they in Armes;

VI-33. And for the testimonie of Truth hast born / Universal reproach, far worse to beare / Then violence: for this was all thy care / To stand approv'd in sight of God, though Worlds

VI-37. Judg'd thee perverse: the easier conquest now / Remains thee, aided by this host of friends, / Back on thy foes more glorious to return

VI-40. Then scornd thou didst depart, and to subdue / By force, who reason for thir Law refuse, / Right reason for thir Law, and for thir King / Messiah, who by right of merit Reigns.

VI-44. Go Michael of Celestial Armies Prince, / And thou in Military prowess next

VI-46. Gabriel, lead forth to Battel these my Sons / Invincible, lead forth my armed Saints / By Thousands and by Millions rang'd for fight; / Equal in number to that Godless crew

VI-50. Rebellious, them with Fire and hostile Arms

VI-51. Fearless assault, and to the brow of Heav'n / Pursuing drive them out from God and bliss, / Into thir place of punishment, the Gulf / Of Tartarus, which ready opens wide / His fiery Chaos to receave thir fall.

VI-56. So spake the Sovran voice, and Clouds began / To darken all the Hill, and smoak to rowl / In duskie wreathes, reluctant flames, the signe

VI-59. Of wrauth awak't: nor with less dread the loud / Ethereal Trumpet from on high gan blow:

VI-61. At which command the Powers Militant, / That stood for Heav'n, in mighty Quadrate joyn'd / Of Union irresistible, mov'd on / In silence thir bright Legions, to the sound / Of instrumental Harmonie that breath'd / Heroic Ardor to advent'rous deeds / Under thir God-like Leaders, in the Cause

VI-68. Of God and his Messiah. On they move / Indissolubly firm; nor obvious Hill / Nor streit'ning Vale, nor Wood, nor Stream divides / Thir perfet ranks; for high above the ground / Thir march was, and the passive Air upbore

VI-73. Thir nimble tread, as when the total kind / Of Birds in orderly array on wing / Came summond over Eden to receive

VI-76. Thir names of thee; so over many a tract / Of Heav'n they march'd, and many a Province wide / Tenfold the length of this terrene: at last

VI-79. Farr in th' Horizon to the North appeer'd / From skirt to skirt a fierie Region, stretcht / In battailous aspect, and neerer view / Bristl'd with upright beams innumerable / Of rigid Spears, and Helmets throng'd, and Shields / Various, with boastful Argument portraid, / The banded Powers of Satan hasting on

VI-86. With furious expedition; for they weend / That self same day by fight, or by surprize / To win the Mount of God, and on his Throne / To set the envier of his State, the proud / Aspirer, but thir thoughts prov'd fond and vain

VI-91. In the mid way: though strange to us it seemd / At first, that Angel should with Angel warr, / And in fierce hosting meet, who wont to meet / So oft in Festivals of joy and love / Unanimous, as sons of one great Sire / Hymning th' Eternal Father: but the shout / Of Battel now began, and rushing sound / Of onset ended soon each milder thought.

VI-99. High in the midst exalted as a God / Th' Apostate in his Sun-bright Chariot sate / Idol of Majesty Divine, enclos'd / With Flaming Cherubim, and golden Shields;

VI-103. Then lighted from his gorgeous Throne, for now

VI-104. 'Twixt Host and Host but narrow space was left, / A dreadful intervall, and Front to Front / Presented stood in terrible array / Of hideous length: before the cloudie Van, / On the rough edge of battel ere it joyn'd,

VI-109. Satan with vast and haughtie strides advanc't, / Came towring, armd in Adamant and Gold;

VI-111. Abdiel that sight endur'd not, where he stood / Among the mightiest, bent on highest deeds, / And thus his own undaunted heart explores. / O Heav'n! that such resemblance of the Highest / Should yet remain, where faith and realtie

VI-116. Remain not; wherefore should not strength and might / There fail where Vertue fails, or weakest prove / Where boldest; though to sight unconquerable? / His puissance, trusting in th' Almightie's aide, / I mean to try, whose Reason I have tri'd / Unsound and false; nor is it aught but just, / That he who in debate of Truth hath won, / Should win in Arms, in both disputes alike / Victor; though brutish that contest and foule, / When Reason hath to deal with force, yet so / Most reason is that Reason overcome.

VI-127. So pondering, and from his armed Peers / Forth stepping opposite, half way he met / His daring foe, at this prevention more / Incens't, and thus securely him defi'd.

VI-131. Proud, art thou met? thy hope was to have reacht / The highth of thy aspiring unoppos'd, / The Throne of God unguarded, and his side / Abandond at the terror of thy Power

VI-135. Or potent tongue; fool, not to think how vain / Against th' Omnipotent to rise in Arms; / Who out of smallest things could without end / Have rais'd incessant Armies to defeat / Thy folly; or with solitarie hand / Reaching beyond all limit at one blow / Unaided could have finisht thee, and whelmd

VI-142. Thy Legions under darkness; but thou seest / All are not of thy Train; there be who Faith / Prefer, and Pietie to God, though then / To thee not visible, when I alone / Seemd in thy World erroneous to dissent / From all: my Sect thou seest, now learn too late / How few somtimes may know, when thousands err.

VI-149. Whom the grand foe with scornful eye askance / Thus answerd. Ill for thee, but in wisht houre / Of my revenge, first sought for thou returnst / From flight, seditious Angel, to receave / Thy merited reward, the first assay / Of this right hand provok't, since first that tongue / Inspir'd with contradiction durst oppose / A third part of the Gods, in Synod met

VI-157. Thir Deities to assert, who while they feel / Vigour Divine within them, can allow

VI-159. Omnipotence to none. But well thou comst / Before thy fellows, ambitious to win / From me som Plume, that thy success may show

VI-162. Destruction to the rest: this pause between / (Unanswerd least thou boast) to let thee know;

VI-164. At first I thought that Libertie and Heav'n / To heav'nly Soules had bin all one; but now / I see that most through sloth had rather serve, / Ministring Spirits, traind up in Feast and Song;

VI-168. Such hast thou arm'd, the Minstrelsie of Heav'n, / Servilitie with freedom to contend, / As both thir deeds compar'd this day shall prove.

VI-171. To whom in brief thus Abdiel stern repli'd. / Apostat, still thou errst, nor end wilt find / Of erring, from the path of truth remote: / Unjustly thou deprav'st it with the name / Of Servitude to serve whom God ordains, / Or Nature; God and Nature bid the same, / When he who rules is worthiest, and excells

VI-178. Them whom he governs. This is servitude, / To serve th' unwise, or him who hath rebelld / Against his worthier, as thine now serve thee, / Thy self not free, but to thy self enthrall'd; / Yet leudly dar'st our ministring upbraid. / Reign thou in Hell thy Kingdom, let mee serve

VI-184. In Heav'n God ever blest, and his Divine / Behests obey, worthiest to be obey'd,

VI-186. Yet Chains in Hell, not Realms expect: mean while / From mee returnd, as erst thou saidst, from flight, / This greeting on thy impious Crest receive.

VI-189. So saying, a noble stroke he lifted high, / Which hung not, but so swift with tempest fell / On the proud Crest of Satan, that no sight, / Nor motion of swift thought, less could his Shield

VI-193. Such ruin intercept: ten paces huge / He back recoild; the tenth on bended knee

VI-195. His massie Spear upstaid; as if on Earth / Winds under ground or waters forcing way / Sidelong, had push't a Mountain from his seat

VI-198. Half sunk with all his Pines. Amazement seis'd / The Rebel Thrones, but greater rage to see / Thus foil'd thir mightiest, ours joy filld, and shout, / Presage of Victorie and fierce desire

VI-202. Of Battel: whereat Michael bid sound / Th' Arch-Angel trumpet; through the vast of Heaven / It sounded, and the faithful Armies rung

VI-205. Hosanna to the Highest: nor stood at gaze / The adverse Legions, nor less hideous joyn'd

VI-207. The horrid shock: now storming furie rose, / And clamour such as heard in Heav'n till now

VI-209. Was never, Arms on Armour clashing bray'd / Horrible discord, and the madding Wheeles / Of brazen Chariots rag'd; dire was the noise / Of conflict; over head the dismal hiss / Of fiery Darts in flaming volies flew, / And flying vaulted either Host with fire.

VI-215. So under fierie Cope together rush'd / Both Battels maine, with ruinous assault / And inextinguishable rage; all Heav'n

VI-218. Resounded, and had Earth bin then, all Earth

VI-219. Had to her Center shook. What wonder? when / Millions of fierce encountring Angels fought / On either side, the least of whom could weild / These Elements, and arm him with the force

VI-223. Of all thir Regions: how much more of Power / Armie against Armie numberless to raise / Dreadful combustion warring, and disturb, / Though not destroy, thir happie Native seat; / Had not th' Eternal King Omnipotent / From his strong hold of Heav'n high over-rul'd

VI-229. And limited thir might; though numberd such / As each divided Legion might have seemd / A numerous Host, in strength each armed hand / A Legion; led in fight, yet Leader seemd / Each Warriour single as in Chief, expert / When to advance, or stand, or turn the sway / Of Battel, open when, and when to close

VI-236. The ridges of grim Warr; no thought of flight, / None of retreat, no unbecoming deed / That argu'd fear; each on himself reli'd, / As onely in his arm the moment lay / Of victorie; deeds of eternal fame / Were don, but infinite: for wide was spred

VI-242. That Warr and various; somtimes on firm ground / A standing fight, then soaring on main wing / Tormented all the Air; all Air seemd then

VI-245. Conflicting Fire: long time in eeven scale

VI-246. The Battel hung; till Satan, who that day / Prodigious power had shewn, and met in Armes / No equal, raunging through the dire attack / Of fighting Seraphim confus'd, at length / Saw where the Sword of Michael smote, and fell'd / Squadrons at once, with huge two-handed sway / Brandisht aloft the horrid edge came down

VI-253. Wide wasting; such destruction to withstand / He hasted, and oppos'd the rockie Orb / Of tenfold Adamant, his ample Shield

VI-256. A vast circumference: At his approach / The great Arch-Angel from his warlike toile / Surceas'd, and glad as hoping here to end / Intestine War in Heav'n, the arch foe subdu'd / Or Captive drag'd in Chains, with hostile frown / And visage all enflam'd first thus began.

VI-262. Author of evil, unknown till thy revolt, / Unnam'd in Heav'n, now plenteous, as thou seest / These Acts of hateful strife, hateful to all, / Though heaviest by just measure on thy self / And thy adherents: how hast thou disturb'd / Heav'ns blessed peace, and into Nature brought / Miserie, uncreated till the crime / Of thy Rebellion? how hast thou instill'd

VI-270. Thy malice into thousands, once upright

VI-271. And faithful, now prov'd false. But think not here / To trouble Holy Rest; Heav'n casts thee out / From all her Confines. Heav'n the seat of bliss / Brooks not the works of violence and Warr.

VI-275. Hence then, and evil go with thee along / Thy ofspring, to the place of evil, Hell, / Thou and thy wicked crew; there mingle broiles, / Ere this avenging Sword begin thy doome, / Or som more sudden vengeance wing'd from God / Precipitate thee with augmented paine.

VI-281. So spake the Prince of Angels; to whom thus / The Adversarie. Nor think thou with wind / Of airie threats to aw whom yet with deeds

VI-284. Thou canst not. Hast thou turnd the least of these / To flight, or if to fall, but that they rise

VI-286. Unvanquisht, easier to transact with mee / That thou shouldst hope, imperious, and with threats

VI-288. To chase me hence? erre not that so shall end / The strife which thou call'st evil, but wee style / The strife of Glorie: which we mean to win, / Or turn this Heav'n it self into the Hell / Thou fablest, here however to dwell free,

VI-293. If not to reign: mean while thy utmost force, / And join him nam'd Almighty to thy aid, / I flie not, but have sought thee farr and nigh.

VI-296. They ended parle, and both addresst for fight / Unspeakable; for who, though with the tongue / Of Angels, can relate, or to what things / Liken on Earth conspicuous, that may lift / Human imagination to such highth

VI-301. Of Godlike Power: for likest Gods they seemd, / Stood they or mov'd, in stature, motion, arms / Fit to decide the Empire of great Heav'n.

VI-304. Now wav'd thir fierie Swords, and in the Aire / Made horrid Circles; two broad Suns thir Shields / Blaz'd opposite, while expectation stood

VI-307. In horror; from each hand with speed retir'd / Where erst was thickest fight, th' Angelic throng, / And left large field, unsafe within the wind

VI-310. Of such commotion, such as to set forth / Great things by small, If Natures concord broke, / Among the Constellations warr were sprung, / Two Planets rushing from aspect maligne / Of fiercest opposition in mid Skie, / Should combat, and thir jarring Sphears confound.

VI-316. Together both with next to Almightie Arme, / Uplifted imminent one stroke they aim'd / That might determine, and not need repeate,

VI-319. As not of power, at once; nor odds appeerd / In might or swift prevention; but the sword / Of Michael from the Armorie of God / Was giv'n him temperd so, that neither keen

VI-323. Nor solid might resist that edge: it met / The sword of Satan with steep force to smite / Descending, and in half cut sheere, nor staid, / But with swift wheele reverse, deep entring shar'd

VI-327. All his right side; then Satan first knew pain, / And writh' d him to and fro convolv'd; so sore / The griding sword with discontinuous wound

VI-330. Passd through him, but th' Ethereal substance clos'd / Not long divisible, and from the gash / A stream of Nectarous humor issuing flow'd / Sanguin, such as Celestial Spirits may bleed, / And all his Armour staind ere while so bright.

VI-335. Forthwith on all sides to his aide was run / By Angels many and strong, who interpos'd / Defence, while others bore him on thir Shields / Back to his Chariot; where it stood retir'd

VI-339. From off the files of warr; there they him laid / Gnashing for anguish and despite and shame / To find himself not matchless, and his pride / Humbl'd by such rebuke, so farr beneath / His confidence to equal God in power.

VI-344. Yet soon he heal'd; for Spirits that live throughout / Vital in every part, not as frail man / In Entrailes, Heart or Head, Liver or Reines;

VI-347. Cannot but by annihilating die; / Nor in thir liquid texture mortal wound / Receive, no more then can the fluid Aire:

VI-350. All Heart they live, all Head, all Eye, all Eare, / All Intellect, all Sense, and as they please, / They Limb themselves, and colour, shape or size / Assume, as likes them best, condense or rare.

VI-354. Mean while in other parts like deeds deservd

VI-355. Memorial, where the might of Gabriel fought, / And with fierce Ensignes pierc'd the deep array / Of Moloc furious King, who him defi'd / And at his Chariot wheeles to drag him bound / Threatn'd, nor from the Holie One of Heav'n

VI-360. Refrein'd his tongue blasphemous; but anon / Down clov'n to the waste, with shatterd Armes / And uncouth paine fled bellowing. On each wing

VI-363. Uriel and Raphael his vaunting foe, / Though huge, and in a Rock of Diamond Armd, / Vanquish'd Adramelec, and Asmadai, / Two potent Thrones, that to be less then Gods / Disdain'd, but meaner thoughts learnd in thir flight, / Mangl'd with gastly wounds through Plate and Maile,

VI-369. Nor stood unmindful Abdiel to annoy / The Atheist crew, but with redoubl'd blow / Ariel and Arioc, and the violence / Of Ramiel scorcht and blasted overthrew.

VI-373. I might relate of thousands, and thir names / Eternize here on Earth; but those elect / Angels contented with thir fame in Heav'n

VI-376. Seek not the praise of men: the other sort / In might though wondrous and in Acts of Warr, / Nor of Renown less eager, yet by doome / Canceld from Heav'n and sacred memorie, / Nameless in dark oblivion let them dwell.

VI-381. For strength from Truth divided and from Just, / Illaudable, naught merits but dispraise / And ignominie, yet to glorie aspires / Vain glorious, and through infamie seeks fame: / Therfore Eternal silence be thir doome.

VI-386. And now thir Mightiest quelld, the battel swerv'd, / With many an inrode gor'd; deformed rout

VI-388. Enter'd, and foul disorder; all the ground / With shiverd armour strow'n, and on a heap / Chariot and Charioter lay overturnd / And fierie foaming Steeds; what stood, recoyld

VI-392. Orewearied, through the faint Satanic Host / Defensive scarse, or with pale fear surpris'd, / Then first with fear surpris'd and sense of paine / Fled ignominious, to such evil brought / By sin of disobedience, till that hour / Not liable to fear or flight or paine.

VI-398. Far otherwise th' inviolable Saints / In Cubic Phalanx firm advanc't entire,

VI-400. Invulnerable, impenitrably arm'd: / Such high advantages thir innocence / Gave them above thir foes, not to have sinnd, / Not to have disobei'd; in fight they stood / Unwearied, unobnoxious to be pain'd / By wound, though from thir place by violence mov'd.

VI-406. Now Night her course began, and over Heav'n / Inducing darkness, grateful truce impos'd, / And silence on the odious dinn of Warr: / Under her Cloudie covert both retir'd, / Victor and Vanquisht: on the foughten field / Michael and his Angels prevalent / Encamping, plac'd in Guard thir Watches round, / Cherubic waving fires: on th' other part

VI-414. Satan with his rebellious disappeerd, / Far in the dark dislodg'd, and void of rest, / His Potentates to Councel call'd by night; / And in the midst thus undismai'd began.

VI-418. O now in danger tri'd, now known in Armes / Not to be overpowerd, Companions deare, / Found worthy not of Libertie alone, / Too mean pretense, but what we more affect,

VI-423. Honour, Dominion, Glorie, and renowne, / Who have sustaind one day in doubtful fight / (And if one day, why not Eternal dayes?) / What Heavens Lord had powerfullest to send / Against us from about his Throne, and judg'd / Sufficient to subdue us to his will,

VI-428. But proves not so: then fallible, it seems, / Of future we may deem him, though till now

VI-430. Omniscient thought. True is, less firmly arm'd, / Some disadvantage we endur'd and paine, / Till now not known, but known as soon contemnd, / Since now we find this our Empyreal form / Incapable of mortal injurie / Imperishable, and though pierc'd with wound, / Soon closing, and by native vigour heal'd. / Of evil then so small as easie think

VI-438. The remedie; perhaps more valid Armes, / Weapons more violent, when next we meet, / May serve to better us, and worse our foes, / Or equal what between us made the odds, / In Nature none: if other hidden cause / Left them Superiour, while we can preserve / Unhurt our mindes, and understanding sound, / Due search and consultation will disclose.

VI-446. He sat; and in th' assembly next upstood / Nisroc, of Principalities the prime; / As one he stood escap't from cruel fight, / Sore toild, his riv'n Armes to havoc hewn, / And cloudie in aspect thus answering spake.

VI-451. Deliverer from new Lords, leader to free / Enjoyment of our right as Gods; yet hard / For Gods, and too unequal work we find / Against unequal arms to fight in paine, / Against unpaind, impassive; from which evil

VI-456. Ruin must needs ensue; for what availes / Valour or strength, though matchless, quelld with pain / Which all subdues, and makes remiss the hands

VI-459. Of Mightiest. Sense of pleasure we may well / Spare out of life perhaps, and not repine, / But live content, which is the calmest life: / But pain is perfet miserie, the worst / Of evils, and excessive, overturnes

VI-464. All patience. He who therefore can invent / With what more forcible we may offend / Our yet unwounded Enemies, or arme / Our selves with like defence, to me deserves / No less then for deliverance what we owe.

VI-469. Whereto with look compos'd Satan repli'd. / Not uninvented that, which thou aright / Believst so main to our success, I bring;

VI-472. Which of us who beholds the bright surface / Of this Ethereous mould whereon we stand, / This continent of spacious Heav'n, adornd / With Plant, Fruit, Flour Ambrosial, Gemms and Gold,

VI-476. Whose Eye so superficially surveyes / These things, as not to mind from whence they grow / Deep under ground, materials dark and crude, / Of spiritous and fierie spume, till toucht / With Heav'ns ray, and temperd they shoot forth / So beauteous, op'ning to the ambient light.

VI-482. These in thir dark Nativitie the Deep / Shall yield us pregnant with infernal flame, / Which into hallow Engins long and round / Thick-rammd, at th' other bore with touch of fire

VI-486. Dilated and infuriate shall send forth / From far with thundring noise among our foes / Such implements of mischief as shall dash / To pieces, and orewhelm whatever stands / Adverse, that they shall fear we have disarmd / The Thunderer of his only dreaded bolt.

VI-492. Nor long shall be our labour, yet ere dawne, / Effect shall end our wish. Mean while revive; / Abandon fear; to strength and counsel joind / Think nothing hard, much less to be despaird.

VI-496. He ended, and his words thir drooping chere / Enlightn'd, and thir languisht hope reviv'd. / Th' invention all admir'd, and each, how hee / To be th' inventor miss'd, so easie it seemd / Once found, which yet unfound most would have thought / Impossible: yet haply of thy Race

VI-502. In future dayes, if Malice should abound, / Some one intent on mischief, or inspir'd / With dev'lish machination might devise / Like instrument to plague the Sons of men / For sin, on warr and mutual slaughter bent.

VI-507. Forthwith from Councel to the work they flew, / None arguing stood, innumerable hands

VI-509. Were ready, in a moment up they turnd / Wide the Celestial soile, and saw beneath / Th' originals of Nature in thir crude / Conception; Sulphurous and Nitrous Foame / They found, they mingl'd, and with suttle Art, / Concocted and adusted they reduc'd / To blackest grain, and into store convey'd:

VI-516. Part hidd'n veins diggd up (nor hath this Earth / Entrails unlike) of Mineral and Stone, / Whereof to found thir Engins and thir Balls / Of missive ruin; part incentive reed / Provide, pernicious with one touch to fire.

VI-521. So all ere day-spring, under conscious Night / Secret they finish'd, and in order set, / With silent circumspection unespi'd.

VI-524. Now when fair Morn Orient in Heav'n appeerd / Up rose the Victor Angels, and to Arms / The matin Trumpet Sung: in Arms they stood / Of Golden Panoplie, refulgent Host,

VI-528. Soon banded; others from the dawning Hills / Lookd round, and Scouts each Coast light-armed scoure, / Each quarter, to descrie the distant foe, / Where lodg'd, or whither fled, or if for fight,

VI-532. In motion or in alt: him soon they met / Under spred Ensignes moving nigh, in slow / But firm Battalion; back with speediest Sail / Zophiel, of Cherubim the swiftest wing, / Came flying, and in mid Aire aloud thus cri'd.

VI-537. Arme, Warriours, Arme for fight, the foe at hand, / Whom fled we thought, will save us long pursuit / This day, fear not his flight; so thick a Cloud / He comes, and settl'd in his face I see / Sad resolution and secure: let each / His Adamantine coat gird well, and each / Fit well his Helme, gripe fast his orbed Shield, / Born eevn or high, for this day will pour down, / If I conjecture aught, no drizling showr, / But ratling storm of Arrows barbd with fire.

VI-547. So warnd he them aware themselves, and soon / In order, quit of all impediment; / Instant without disturb they took Allarm,

VI-550. And onward move Embattelld; when behold / Not distant far with heavie pace the Foe / Approaching gross and huge; in hollow Cube

VI-553. Training his devilish Enginrie, impal'd / On every side with shaddowing Squadrons Deep,

VI-555. To hide the fraud. At interview both stood / A while, but suddenly at head appeerd / Satan: And thus was heard Commanding loud.

VI-558. Vanguard, to Right and Left the Front unfould;

VI-559. That all may see who hate us, how we seek / Peace and composure, and with open brest / Stand readie to receive them, if they like / Our overture, and turn not back perverse; / But that I doubt, however witness Heaven, / Heav'n witness thou anon, while we discharge / Freely our part; yee who appointed stand / Do as you have in charge, and briefly touch / What we propound, and loud that all may hear.

VI-568. So scoffing in ambiguous words he scarce

VI-569. Had ended; when to Right and Left the Front / Divided, and to either Flank retir'd. / Which to our eyes discoverd new and strange, / A triple mounted row of Pillars laid / On Wheels (for like to Pillars most they seem'd / Or hollow'd bodies made of Oak or Firr / With branches lopt, in Wood or Mountain fell'd)

VI-576. Brass, Iron, Stonie mould, had not thir mouthes / With hideous orifice gap't on us wide,

VI-578. Portending hollow truce; at each behind / A Seraph stood, and in his hand a Reed

VI-580. Stood waving tipt with fire; while we suspense, / Collected stood within our thoughts amus'd,

VI-582. Not long, for sudden all at once thir Reeds / Put forth, and to a narrow vent appli'd / With nicest touch. Immediate in a flame, / But soon obscur'd with smoak, all Heav'n appeerd, / From those deep throated Engins belcht, whose roar / Emboweld with outragious noise the Air, / And all her entrails tore, disgorging foule

VI-589. Thir devilish glut, chaind Thunderbolts and Hail / Of Iron Globes, which on the Victor Host / Level'd, with such impetuous furie smote, / That whom they hit, none on thir feet might stand, / Though standing else as Rocks, but down they fell / By thousands, Angel on Arch-Angel rowl'd;

VI-595. The sooner for thir Arms, unarm'd they might / Have easily as Spirits evaded swift / By quick contraction or remove; but now

VI-598. Foule dissipation follow'd and forc't rout; / Nor serv'd it to relax thir serried files. / What should they do? if on they rusht, repulse / Repeated, and indecent overthrow / Doubl'd, would render them yet more despis'd, / And to thir foes a laughter; for in view / Stood rankt of Seraphim another row / In posture to displode thir second tire / Of Thunder: back defeated to return

VI-607. They worse abhorr'd. Satan beheld thir plight, / And to his Mates thus in derision call'd.

VI-609. O Friends, why come not on these Victors proud? / Ere while they fierce were coming, and when wee, / To entertain them fair with open Front / And Brest, (what could we more?) propounded terms / Of composition, strait they chang'd thir minds, / Flew off, and into strange vagaries fell, / As they would dance, yet for a dance they seemd / Somwhat extravagant and wilde, perhaps

VI-617. For joy of offerd peace: but I suppose / If our proposals once again were heard / We should compel them to a quick result.

VI-620. To whom thus Belial in like gamesom mood,

VI-621. Leader, the terms we sent were terms of weight, / Of hard contents, and full of force urg'd home,

VI-623. Such as we might perceive amus'd them all,

VI-624. And stumbl'd many, who receives them right, / Had need from head to foot well understand; / Not understood, this gift they have besides, / They shew us when our foes walk not upright.

VI-628. So they among themselves in pleasant veine / Stood scoffing, highthn'd in thir thoughts beyond

VI-630. All doubt of victorie, eternal might

VI-633. And all his Host derided, while they stood / A while in trouble; but they stood not long, / Rage prompted them at length, and found them arms / Against such hellish mischief fit to oppose.

VI-637. Forthwith (behold the excellence, the power / Which God hath in his mighty Angels plac'd) / Thir Arms away they threw, and to the Hills / (For Earth hath this variety from Heav'n / Of pleasure situate in Hill and Dale) / Light as the Lightning glimps they ran, they flew, / From thir foundations loosning to and fro / They pluckt the seated Hills with all thir load, / Rocks, Waters, Woods, and by the shaggie tops

VI-646. Up lifting bore them in thir hands: Amaze, / Be sure, and terrour seis'd the rebel Host, / When coming towards them so dread they saw / The bottom of the Mountains upward turn'd,

VI-650. Till on those cursed Engins triple-row / They saw them whelm'd, and all thir confidence / Under the weight of Mountains buried deep,

VI-653. Themselves invaded next, and on thir heads / Main Promontories flung, which in the Air / Came shadowing, and opprest whole Legions arm'd,

VI-656. Thir armor help'd thir harm, crush't in and bruis'd / Into thir substance pent, which wrought them pain / Implacable, and many a dolorous groan,

VI-659. Long strugling underneath, ere they could wind / Out of such prison, though Spirits of purest light, / Purest at first, now gross by sinning grown.

VI-662. The rest in imitation to like Armes / Betook them, and the neighbouring Hills uptore;

VI-664. So Hills amid the Air encounterd Hills / Hurl'd to and fro with jaculation dire, / That under ground, they fought in dismal shade;

VI-667. Infernal noise; Warr seem'd a civil Game / To this uproar; horrid confusion heapt

VI-669. Upon confusion rose: and now all Heav'n / Had gone to wrack, with ruin overspred, / Had not th' Almightie Father where he sits / Shrin'd in his Sanctuarie of Heav'n secure, / Consulting on the sum of things, foreseen / This tumult, and permitted all, advis'd: / That his great purpose he might so fulfill, / To honour his Anointed Son aveng'd / Upon his enemies, and to declare / All power on him transferr'd: whence to his Son / Th' Assessor of his Throne he thus began.

VI-680. Effulgence of my Glorie, Son belov'd, / Son in whose face invisible is beheld / Visibly, what by Deitie I am, / And in whose hand what by Decree I doe, / Second Omnipotence, two dayes are past,

VI-685. Two dayes, as we compute the dayes of Heav'n, / Since Michael and his Powers went forth to tame

VI-687. These disobedient; sore hath been thir fight, / As likeliest was, when two such Foes met arm'd; / For to themselves I left them, and thou knowst, / Equal in thir Creation they were form'd,

VI-691. Save what sin hath impaird, which yet hath wrought / Insensibly, for I suspend thir doom;

VI-693. Whence in perpetual fight they needs must last / Endless, and no solution will be found: / Warr wearied hath perform'd what Warr can do, / And to disorder'd rage let loose the reines, / With Mountains as with Weapons arm'd, which makes / Wild work in Heav'n, and dangerous to the maine.

VI-699. Two dayes are therefore past, the third is thine;

VI-700. For thee I have ordain'd it, and thus farr / Have sufferd, that the Glorie may be thine / Of ending this great Warr, since none but Thou

VI-703. Can end it. Into thee such Vertue and Grace / Immense I have transfus'd, that all may know / In Heav'n and Hell thy Power above compare, / And this perverse Commotion governd thus, / To manifest thee worthiest to be Heir / Of all things, to be Heir and to be King / By Sacred Unction, thy deserved right.

VI-710. Go then thou Mightiest in thy Fathers might, / Ascend my Chariot, guide the rapid Wheeles / That shake Heav'ns basis, bring forth all my Warr, / My Bow and Thunder, my Almightie Arms / Gird on, and Sword upon thy puissant Thigh;

VI-715. Pursue these sons of Darkness, drive them out / From all Heav'ns bounds into the utter Deep:

VI-717. There let them learn, as likes them, to despise / God and Messiah his anointed King.

VI-719. He said, and on his Son with Rayes direct / Shon full, he all his Father full exprest / Ineffably into his face receiv'd, / And thus the filial Godhead answering spake.

VI-723. O Father, O Supream of heav'nly Thrones, / First, Highest, Holiest, Best, thou alwayes seekst / To glorifie thy Son, I alwayes thee,

VI-726. As is most just; this I my Glorie account, / My exaltation, and my whole delight, / That thou in me well pleas'd, declarst thy will / Fulfill'd, which to fulfil is all my bliss.

VI-730. Scepter and Power, thy giving, I assume,

VI-731. And gladlier shall resign, when in the end / Thou shalt be All in All, and I in thee / For ever, and in mee all whom thou lov'st:

VI-734. But whom thou hat'st, I hate, and can put on / Thy terrors, as I put thy mildness on,

VI-736. Image of thee in all things; and shall soon, / Armd with thy might, rid heav'n of these rebell'd,

VI-738. To thir prepar'd ill Mansion driven down / To chains of darkness, and th' undying Worm, / That from thy just obedience could revolt, / Whom to obey is happiness entire.

VI-742. Then shall thy Saints unmixt, and from th' impure / Farr separate, circling thy holy Mount / Unfeigned Halleluiahs to thee sing, / Hymns of high praise, and I among them chief.

VI-746. So said, he o're his Scepter bowing, rose / From the right hand of Glorie where he sate,

VI-748. And the third sacred Morn began to shine / Dawning through Heav'n: forth rush'd with whirl-wind sound / The Chariot of Paternal Deitie,

VI-751. Flashing thick flames, Wheele within Wheele, undrawn, / It self instinct with Spirit, but convoyd

VI-753. By four Cherubic shapes, four Faces each / Had wondrous, as with Starrs thir bodies all / And Wings were set with Eyes, with Eyes the wheels / Of Beril, and careering Fires between;

VI-757. Over thir heads a chrystal Firmament, / Whereon a Saphir Throne, inlaid with pure / Amber, and colours of the showrie Arch.

VI-760. Hee in Celestial Panoplie all armd / Of radiant Urim, work divinely wrought,

VI-762. Ascended, at his right hand Victorie

VI-763. Sate Eagle-wing'd, beside him hung his Bow / And Quiver with three-bolted Thunder stor'd,

VI-765. And from about him fierce Effusion rowld / Of smoak and bickering flame, and sparkles dire; / Attended with ten thousand thousand Saints, / He onward came, farr off his coming shon, / And twentie thousand (I thir number heard) / Chariots of God, half on each hand were seen:

VI-771. Hee on the wings of Cherub rode sublime / On the Chrystallin Skie, in Saphir Thron'd.

VI-773. Illustrious farr and wide, but by his own

VI-774. First seen, them unexpected joy surpriz'd, / When the great Ensign of Messiah blaz'd / Aloft by Angels born, his Sign in Heav'n:

VI-777. Under whose Conduct Michael soon reduc'd / His Armie, circumfus'd on either Wing, / Under thir Head imbodied all in one. / Before him Power Divine his way prepar'd;

VI-781. At his command the uprooted Hills retir'd / Each to his place, they heard his voice and went / Obsequious, Heav'n his wonted face renewd, / And with fresh Flourets Hill and Valley smil'd.

VI-785. This saw his hapless Foes but stood obdur'd, / And to rebellious fight rallied thir Powers

VI-787. Insensate, hope conceiving from despair.

VI-788. In heav'nly Spirits could such perverseness dwell? / But to convince the proud what Signs availe, / Or Wonders move th' obdurate to relent? / They hard'nd more by what might most reclame, / Grieving to see his Glorie, at the sight / Took envie, and aspiring to his highth, / Stood reimbattell'd fierce, by force or fraud

VI-795. Weening to prosper, and at length prevaile / Against God and Messiah, or to fall / In universal ruin last, and now

VI-798. To final Battel drew, disdaining flight, / Or faint retreat; when the great Son of God / To all his Host on either hand thus spake.

VI-801. Stand still in bright array ye Saints, here stand / Ye Angels arm'd, this day from Battel rest; / Faithful hath been your warfare, and of God / Accepted, fearless in his righteous Cause, / And as ye have receivd, so have ye don

VI-806. Invincibly; but of this cursed crew / The punishment to other hand belongs, / Vengeance is his, or whose he sole appoints; / Number to this dayes work is not ordain'd / Nor multitude, stand onely and behold / Gods indignation on these Godless pourd

VI-812. By mee, not you but mee they have despis'd, / Yet envied; against mee is all thir rage, / Because the Father, t' whom in Heav'n supream / Kingdom and Power and Glorie appertains, / Hath honourd me according to his will. / Therefore to mee thir doom he hath assig'n'd;

VI-818. That they may have thir wish, to trie with mee / In Battel which the stronger proves, they all, / Or I alone against them, since by strength

VI-821. They measure all, of other excellence / Not emulous, nor care who them excells; / Nor other strife with them do I voutsafe.

VI-824. So spake the Son, and into terrour chang'd / His count'nance too severe to be beheld / And full of wrauth bent on his Enemies.

VI-827. At once the Four spred out thir Starrie wings

VI-828. With dreadful shade contiguous, and the Orbes / Of his fierce Chariot rowld, as with the sound / Of torrent Floods, or of a numerous Host.

VI-831. Hee on his impious Foes right onward drove, / Gloomie as Night; under his burning Wheeles / The stedfast Empyrean shook throughout, / All but the Throne it self of God. Full soon

VI-835. Among them he arriv'd; in his right hand / Grasping ten thousand Thunders, which he sent / Before him, such as in thir Soules infix'd

VI-838. Plagues; they astonisht all resistance lost,

VI-839. All courage; down thir idle weapons drop'd;

VI-840. O're Shields and Helmes, and helmed heads he rode

VI-841. Of Thrones and mighty Seraphim prostrate, / That wisht the Mountains now might be again / Thrown on them as a shelter from his ire.

VI-844. Nor less on either side tempestuous fell / His arrows, from the fourfold-visag'd Foure, / Distinct with eyes, and from the living Wheels, / Distinct alike with multitude of eyes,

VI-848. One Spirit in them rul'd, and every eye / Glar'd lightning, and shot forth pernicious fire / Among th' accurst, that witherd all thir strength, / And of thir wonted vigour left them draind, / Exhausted, spiritless, afflicted, fall'n.

VI-853. Yet half his strength he put not forth, but check'd

VI-854. His Thunder in mid Volie, for he meant / Not to destroy, but root them out of Heav'n:

VI-856. The overthrown he rais'd, and as a Heard / Of Goats or timerous flock together throngd / Drove them before him Thunder-struck, pursu'd / With terrors and with furies to the bounds

VI-860. And Chrystal wall of Heav'n, which op'ning wide, / Rowld inward, and a spacious Gap disclos'd

VI-862. Into the wastful Deep; the monstrous sight / Strook them with horror backward, but far worse

VI-864. Urg'd them behind; headlong themselves they threw / Down from the verge of Heav'n, Eternal wrauth / Burnt after them to the bottomless pit.

VI-867. Hell heard th' unsufferable noise, Hell saw / Heav'n ruining from Heav'n and would have fled / Affrighted; but strict Fate had cast too deep / Her dark foundations, and too fast had bound.

VI-871. Nine dayes they fell; confounded Chaos roard, / And felt tenfold confusion in thir fall / Through his wilde Anarchie, so huge a rout

VI-874. Incumberd him with ruin: Hell at last / Yawning receavd them whole, and on them clos'd,

VI-876. Hell thir fit habitation fraught with fire / Unquenchable, the house of woe and paine.

VI-878. Disburdnd Heav'n rejoic'd, and soon repaird / Her mural breach, returning whence it rowld.

VI-880. Sole Victor from th' expulsion of his Foes / Messiah his triumphal Chariot turnd:

VI-882. To meet him all his Saints, who silent stood / Eye witnesses of his Almightie Acts, / With Jubilie advanc'd; and as they went, / Shaded with branching Palme, each order bright, / Sung Triumph, and him sung Victorious King, / Son, Heir, and Lord, to him Dominion giv'n,

VI-888. Worthiest to Reign: he celebrated rode / Triumphant through mid Heav'n, into the Courts / And Temple of his mightie Father Thron'd / On high: who into Glorie him receav'd,

VI-892. Where now he sits at the right hand of bliss.

VI-893. Thus measuring things in Heav'n by things on Earth / At thy request, and that thou maist beware / By what is past, to thee I have reveal'd

VI-896. What might have else to human Race bin hid; / The discord which befel, and Warr in Heav'n / Among th' Angelic Powers, and the deep fall / Of those too high aspiring, who rebelld

VI-900. With Satan, hee who envies now thy state, / Who now is plotting how he may seduce / Thee also from obedience, that with him

VI-903. Bereavd of happiness thou maist partake / His punishment, Eternal miserie;

VI-905. Which would be all his solace and revenge, / As a despite don against the most High, / Thee once to gaine Companion of his woe.

VI-908. But list'n not to his Temptations, warne

VI-909. Thy weaker; let it profit thee to have heard / By terrible Example the reward / Of disobedience; firm they might have stood, / Yet fell; remember, and fear to transgress.