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A celebration in heaven
[Doré] [Martin-1] [Martin-2] [Petrina-1] [Petrina-2] [Westall]

One angel's envy of God gives birth to sin

Satan rouses his followers to wage war against God

The first blow is struck

The war of angels
[Breughel] [Doré]

Michael battles Satan

Satan is wounded

The angels call a truce as night falls

On the third day of battle God hurls the rebel angels into hell
[Burney] [Doré-1] [Doré-2] [Martin] [Medina] [Petrina-1] [Petrina-2] [Westall]

Satan rises from the burning lake
[Doré] [Fuseli] [Martin] [Medina]

He calls forth his legions
[Burney] [Doré] [Martin] [Westall]

The fallen angels explore the landscape of hell
[Doré-1] [Doré-2]

The devils construct Satan's infernal palace, Pandemonium

God creates a new world
[Blake] [Martin] [Michaelangelo] [von.Carolsfeld-1] [von.Carolsfeld-2] [von.Carolsfeld-3]

God creates the creatures of the sea and air
[Tintoretto] [von.Carolsfeld]

God creates Adam

Adam longs for human companionship

God creates Eve
[Fuseli] [Groom] [Michaelangelo] [Petrina]

Eve falls in love with her image in the water

Eve is presented to Adam

In hell the devils are summoned to council

Satan holds court and plots revenge against God's man
[Doré] [Martin]

Satan encounters his offspring, Sin and Death, at the gate of hell
[Doré] [Medina]

Sin intercedes to prevent battle between Satan and Death
[Blake] [Fuseli] [Martin]

Sin unlocks the gate as Satan prepares to journey across chaos
[Burney] [Hayman]

Satan passes the steps ascending to heaven

Satan struggles against the anarchy of chaos

Satan tricks the angel Uriel into guiding him to the world of man

Satan descends to earth

He lands atop Mt. Niphates, where he laments the loss of heaven

From here he views the whole of Eden

Satan descends the mount and approaches Eden

Uriel reports Satan's approach to Gabriel and the sentry angels at the gate of Paradise
[Doré] [Martin]

Within the garden the innocent pair eat fruit and drink from a stream
[Doré] [Decker] [Groom] [Petrina]

Satan finds Adam and Eve and envies their blissful state
[Burney] [Doré] [Hayman] [Hoet] [Martin]

When night falls Satan invades Eve's dreams

Scouts sent by Gabriel find Satan lurking near the sleeping couple
[Blake] [Burney] [Fuseli] [Martin] [Westall]

Satan is banished from Eden

Adam awakens to find Eve in restless sleep
[Doré] [Groom] [Westall]

The angel Raphael visits Eden
[Burney] [Doré] [Martin]

Raphael dines with Adam and Eve
[Groom] [Petrina]

He warns them of their enemy
[Burney] [Doré] [Groom] [Martin] [Medina] [Westall-1] [Westall-2]

He admonishes Adam not to be weakened by Eve's beauty

Raphael returns to heaven

Satan returns to Eden by night and possesses the sleeping serpent
[Doré-1] [Doré-2]

Adam and Eve offer morning prayers
[Martin] [Westall]

Adam tries to persuade Eve not to wander off alone

Satan finds Eve alone among the flowers and is enchanted by her beauty

Eve is tempted by the serpent and succumbs
[Blake] [Burney] [Doré] [Groom] [Martin] [Petrina] [Titian] [Westall]

Learning what she has done, Adam resolves to share Eve's fate.
[Fuseli] [Michaelangelo] [Westall]

She gives the forbidden fruit to her husband
[Dürer-1] [Dürer-2] [Fuchs] [Hoet] [Holbein] [Lempicka] [Mabuse] [Martin] [Patko] [Raphael] [Tintoretto] [von.Carolsfeld] [unknown]

Too late, Adam and Eve regret what they have done
[Fuseli] [Petrina]

They attempt to cover their shame with fig leaves
[Doré] [Martin]

They hear God call them and hide from him

God passes judgment on man and woman
[Blake] [Burney] [Domenichino] [von.Carolsfeld] [Petrina]

In heaven the Son of God offers himself as mankind's Redeemer

Satan returns to hell

All the devils are turned into serpents as punishment

Sin and Death come to earth
[Doré] [Martin] [Westall]

Eve begs Adam's forgiveness
[Martin] [Hoet] [Westall]

Adam and Eve view evil omens

Michael descends to earth with a band of angels
[Doré] [Martin]

He shows Adam visions of future consequences of his sin
[Blake] [Westall]

Michael tells the pair they may no longer stay in Paradise
[Canabel] [Doré] [Medina]

The angels place a flaming sword at the gate of Paradise

Adam and Eve are expelled from the Garden of Eden
[Blake] [Burney] [Fuseli] [Martin] [Medina] [Michaelangelo] [Petrina] [von.Carolsfeld] [von.Stuck] [West] [Westall-1] [Westall-2] [unknown]